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Important Member Information

Have a question about your account?

Contact a Member Service Representative by phone, fax, or email.

All other areas
Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.)
305.325.1380 or Outside Miami-Dade County 888.348.6277 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
CU Service Center
888.837.6500 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Routing & Transit Number/Mailing addresses

Please do not include sensitive account information on the outside of any correspondence that you mail to us.

Routing & Transit Number
Corporate address
SFFCU, A Division of Guardians CU
1902 NW 14 Avenue
Miami, FL 33125
Deposit address
SFFCU, A Division of Guardians CU
1902 NW 14 Avenue
Miami, FL 33125
Loan payment address
SFFCU, A Division of Guardians CU
1902 NW 14 Avenue
Miami, FL 33125

Accessing your account

Your member number is the key of your relationship with us. You'll use your member number to access your account at our branch, at CU Service Centers, through Online Banking and Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.). For your convenience, all your accounts will begin with your member number, followed by a two-digit product suffix.

You'll be able to access your account(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Online Banking and Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.)

To log into Online Banking, click on Online Banking located at the top navigation menu. Enter your user name and password. Registering for Online Banking is easy! Simply use your Account Number and MARS PIN (last four digits of your social security number), then choose a User ID, Password and Email Address. Important: User ID must be at least 8 to 16 characters. Password must be 8 to 16 characters and consist of at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one number. Input your E-Mail address and click on I accept the Terms and Conditions. Click on Register. It is that simple!

To access your account through Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.), call 305.325.1380 in Miami-Dade County or outside Miami-Dade County call 888.348.6277 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and follow the prompts. (If you are calling internationally and cannot use the toll-free number, call 305.325.1380.)

Joint Accounts

All accounts you hold jointly will begin with the primary account holder's member number. To add a joint account holder, please complete our Membership Application Form and fax or mail the completed form. Please note that if you are faxing or mailing the completed form it must be notarized.

Business Accounts

If there is more than one authorized signer on the account, the organization named on the account has been assigned a member number. Each authorized signer must be designated on the Business's Articles of Incorporation and also sign the signature card to have account privileges.

Address change

To update your mailing address, please complete our Contact Information Change Form and fax or mail the completed form.

Card information

ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards

ATM and Debit Cards each have a unique, 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) that will let you access your account at nearly any ATM nationwide or point of sale terminal. To activate your card and set your PIN, contact our Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system at 800.757.9848. If you lose or forget your PIN, simply contact IVR and follow the prompts to choose a new one.

Due to a sharp increase in fraud occurring in certain countries we have implemented a VISA Fraud Rule to decline all debit transactions from the listed countries. View a list of blocked countries here.

Lost or stolen cards?

ATM or Debit Card: Call 800.472.3272 or complete our PIN Reorder Form
Credit Cards: Call 877.221.6612

The above numbers will only restrict your ATM, debit card or credit card. If your entire wallet or purse has been lost or stolen, please also contact the Credit Union at 305.545.0744 option 2 to restrict access to your account.

Other tips to consider if your card has been reported lost or stolen

  • Notify all of the participating merchants with whom you’ve set-up automatic bill payments ( with the card as lost or stolen)
  • Once we issue you a new card, you'll need to re-establish automatic bill payments with your new card by contacting participating merchants. Otherwise pre-established payments will not be made and you may potentially incur late fees/and or loss service with the merchants.


Direct Deposit

Please contact the payroll administrator at your company for requirements to activate this service. You can also use Direct Deposit for other recurring deposits such as Federal Government checks, securities dividends, and more. To check if your deposit can be made with the Direct Deposit service, please contact the company issuing payment. Direct Deposit requires that you list our Routing & Transit number which is 266080686 and your member number, followed by a two-digit product suffix, for your checking account be sure to provide the full account number listed at the bottom of your check not including the preceding zeros. View our Direct Deposit Form.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a free and secure 24/7 online service that allows you to deposit checks into eligible checking accounts from anywhere you have access to Online Banking using a scanner attached to your computer.

Mailing deposits

When depositing checks to your account, endorse your checks, write "For Deposit Only" under your endorsement, complete your deposit ticket and mail to SFFCU, A Division of Guardians CU 1902 NW 14 Avenue, Miami, FL 33125. Do not send cash in the mail. Please remember to include your member number and the suffix you wish the funds to be deposited to on the back of each check being deposited.

Making deposits

When you have a savings or checking account, you have a variety of options for making deposits. You can make deposits at any branch location or at one of our three ATM machines. We also participate in CU Service Centers. CU Service Centers gives you the ability to make deposits at any institution displaying the Shared Services logo.

Phishing & Identity Theft

We will never contact our members via telephone or email to request personal information regarding your credit union or credit card account. If you receive a phone call that asks for your member number, password, or other sensitive information, do not respond and contact us at 305.545.0744. If you receive an email that asks for your member number, password, or other sensitive information, do not reply to the email or click on any links. Clicking on a link in a fraudulent email can compromise your personal information. It's always best to type directly into your Internet browser to ensure that you are going to our trusted website.

If you suspect you have provided personal information online in response to a fraudulent email and would like to have an alert placed on your account, immediately call 305.545.0744. Please forward any suspicious emails to You may also want to forward it to the Federal Trade Commission at: or contact them at 877.ID.THEFT. If you have general questions about your account, please email us at or call 305.545.0744.

Be proactive about identity theft by regularly monitoring your account activity or enrolling in an identity protection program. If you feel that you may have been the victim of identity theft, report the fraud immediately and change your password. You should also contact the credit bureaus listed below to place a free 90 day fraud alert on your credit file. If you already have an identity theft protection service, please check with them as the fraud alerts may have already been placed.



Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a means of sending money by electronically debiting your account. You can use this service to pay any merchant or financial institution. Once you enroll in On-line Banking, simply click on the Bill Pay tab to accept FREE Bill Pay, to set up monthly payments, make one time payments and to view your activity.

Direct Debit

You can authorize specific amounts to be paid from your account electronically, such as payments to an insurance company, mortgage and utility bills. Please contact your vendor directly for direct debits from your accounts.

Funds Transfer

If you have a checking or savings account, the easiest and convenient way to make a credit card or loan payment is to arrange an automatic monthly transfer from your account. You may also transfer funds through Online Banking or Member Audio Response System (M.A.R.S.). Please contact us to set up an automatic monthly transfer.

Making transfers

You can conveniently make transfers between your own credit union accounts or to other members. Please contact us at 786.533.1704 to establish this service.

Wire Transfer

To send a wire to your account, provide the sending financial institution with our routing number, 266080686, and your member number. Please make sure to indicate what account type you want the deposit made to (checking, savings, etc.) or the deposit will be made to your Primary Share (savings account) by default.

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