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Convenience Services

Overdraft Protection

We offer free overdraft protection on our checking accounts. This means if you overdraw your checking account, we will pull available funds from either your Savings account or your Money Market account to cover the overdraft without incurring a charge. Limitations based on Regulation D apply — please reference our schedule of current charges for more information.

Courtesy Pay

We've all been there before. In the checkout line, at a restaurant, or worst of all, on the side of the road with a broken-down car, only to discover your check has bounced or debit card has been declined. Fortunately, you won't have to experience that embarrassment or frustration with Courtesy Pay.

Courtesy Pay is a simple and convenient way to help ensure your checking and everyday debit card transactions clear in the unlikely event your account balance runs low. Consider it a safety cushion or last line of defense when other sources of funds have been exhausted. Either way, it's there to help you manage a potentially uncomfortable situation with grace.

By using Courtesy Pay, your account will be assessed a non-sufficient funds charge, but the following benefits of coverage apply:

  • Provides Security — may provide funds to pay unexpected expenses.
  • Offers Convenience — may provide uninterrupted coverage if you lack sufficient funds.
  • Eliminates Embarrassment — helps you avoid the awkwardness of a merchant declining your transaction.
  • Acts as Last Line of Defense — you can still be covered after other overdraft sources have been exhausted.

We strive to pay your check transactions and automatically drafted payments (ACH) regardless of the funds that exist in your account as an automatic service to checking accounts in good standing. We can extend this valuable service to your everyday debit and ATM items as well, but, due to federal regulations, we require your permission to do so. To opt-in for Courtesy Pay to be added to your everyday debit and ATM transactions, contact us.

Direct Deposit / Payroll Deduction

With Direct Deposit, your entire paycheck can be automatically credited toward any combination of your accounts each pay period. It increases the safety and convenience of processing your check, eliminates waiting in payday lines, and makes your funds instantly available.

Payroll Deduction automatically deposits portions of your paycheck into the credit union accounts of your choice.

Contact your payroll department to sign up for Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction.

Automatic Payments & Transfers

Automatic Payments save you time and energy. Automatic Payments electronically deduct money from your share or share draft account and apply it toward your outstanding loan balances.

Automatic Transfers are the most care-free way to move your funds from one account to another. Once established, specified amounts of money will be electronically disbursed to the accounts of your choice at the end of each month.

Our automated services are easy to set up. Contact us today!

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